Noel Hunter

Noel began working as a freelance IT consultant in 1996, specializing in integrating database, web and mobile applications, and in the convergence of voice, mobile, media, networking and data. His primary clients were small to midsize companies, and he has done everything from wiring networks, building firewalls, administering Linux and Windows servers, to writing custom PHP, MySQL web applications.

From 1989 to 1996, he worked at Wake Forest University, growing into the position of Academic Computing Manager, and creating the university web site, nominated for Best Campus-Wide Information System in the 1994 Best of the Web Awards.

At OnceUponAnApp, he manages development of apps and eBooks that have climbed into the top ten positions in their respective categories multiple times. He led a team of programmers that created the service, and continues working with the team to improve and refine it.